About Us

Our Story

The office of St Christopher Travel of Chicago was established in 2004 under the patronage of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, tourists and guides.  Our goal was to combine Catholic culture with tourism providing trips where faith and prayer were interwoven with recreation because we saw a need for Catholic tourism.  Our first step of offering ski trips was met with great enthusiasm which led to our expansion into other areas.  This began with a pilgrimage to Rome under the leadership of Fr. Stanislaw Jankowski, to Rome where we met and received the blessing of the ultimate great pilgrim, guide, lover of skiing and mountain expeditions, the Holy Father John Paul II.  Our desire was fulfilled in a private audience, where the Holy Father blessed our plans and work there by confirming our belief we were on the right track.  As there was a greater need for English speaking Catholic tourism, St Christopher Travel of Naperville was created.  We are proud to offer pilgrimages, family and recreational trips that encourage relaxation while spending time with God, family and friends.